Derwent College Freshers Week

About the College

Derwent was one of the first colleges to be established at the University of York in 1965. It has a proud history as a lively, social college in the heart of the Heslington campus. The original, the most fun, the best!

Our Freshers Week

Derwent College runs one of the best Freshers Weeks in York. For all new Derwent students, this week is jam packed with all kinds of great events and info to help you settle into uni life and have an unforgettable time doing so. With multiple club nights, College sports club taster sessions, waterpark trips, bar quizzes, Derwents signature Club D and so much more, this week offers so much to any new Derwent student.

Freshers’ Ticket: £35

1 x Freshers Bag (with bonus inside)

1x Freshers T-shirt

1x Freshers Wristband

Access into all Derwent’s on and off campus events, including 4 club night entries. 

STYCs (Second and Third Year contacts) as guides for the week

A massive range of different events for all, both drinking and non-drinking

Keep In Touch

Official Freshers Group 2019/20

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Louis Sharpe-Ward

Derwent College JCRC Chair

[email protected]

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29th September, 2019