Constantine College Freshers Week 2019

About the College

At Constantine we have larger beds (3/4 size doubles) with televisions in the shared kitchens. Blocks are organised in flats. This creates a very family like vibe within the flats, where your flatmates will quickly become some of your best friends (with the occasional weird uncle Steve).

Our wide range of sports teams and college groups/clubs give you a way to find like minded people. A focus on you having a top time will provide opportunities for you to have great academic and social experience, and help you find yourself without going to Thailand.

Our Freshers’ Week

We’ve got a freshers’ week full of fun activities and events planned for you in Week 1, with loads of things for you to get into and different ways for you to bond with your fellow college members.

Here’s a (unfinalised) sneak peak…

The work the Constantine College Student Association do doesn’t stop at the end of Freshers Week... We work all year round to make sure there is always something for you to do. We’ve got sports teams and community groups for you to get involved in. We’ve got a wellbeing team that provides support and free treats every week! As well as events and activities teams to keep you entertained all term. 

Soon you’ll discover we’re much more than accommodation; we’ll be your home for the next three years.

We may be the youngest college, but we’re a passionate community. So get ready for some intense college chanting and to paint York in Pink.

Join the Committee

Our College is run by students for students in the form of the Constantine College Student Association, and every November we elect our new committee for the next calendar year. They are elected with a cross-college ballot each year and work hard to make sure that you are having the best university experience possible. Running for and serving students in a committee position can be one of the most rewarding things you can do at uni, so keep an eye out for information about elections information which will be published in the Autumn term.

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Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about Constantine College’s Freshers Week or the College more generally don’t hesitate to get in touch with CSA President Jordan Pretty. You can get in touch with him by emailing [email protected].

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