Henna Session Image

Henna Session

Start times from 06:30pm | 18+ (Student Only) | Online
Learn how to create beautiful henna on your body (or on a piece of paper if you prefer)!
Online Hatha Class - Week 10 Image

Online Hatha Class - Week 10

Start times from 05:00pm | 18+ | Online
This class works on developing strength and flexibility in the body while incorporating deeply restorative elements to calm and focus our busy minds.
Mature Students Meetup Image

Mature Students Meetup

Start times from 06:00pm | 18+ | The Canopy at The Forest
Come down to The Canopy at 6pm every second Friday (Week 2/4/6/8/10) and have a drink with us.
Lycra X Mas Party! Image

Lycra X Mas Party!

Start times from 07:00pm | 18+ (Student Only) | Online
YUSU welcomes Lycra for this years Christmas Party! It's an immersive 1980’s Christmas Party with dancers, sweatbands and AEROBICS ROUTINES pumped in the middle!