What Are The Roles?

In this election there are 20 exciting roles up for grabs. Some involve you representing thousands of students in your Faculty, whilst others see you become the leader of a Student Network tasked with organising campaigns and building a community. The Sabbatical roles will let you take a fully paid year off from Uni! Depending on your interests or what matters most to you, one of these roles may be perfect for you. Have a look to see what excites you!

Full Time 'Sabbatical' Officers

The Full-Time Officers are elected to work at YUSU for a year to deliver on their manifestos and represent students at York at the University and nationally. They serve as trustees of the organisation and ensure the issues that matter to you most are represented in meetings with the leaders of the University.

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Part Time Officers

Part-time Officers are student volunteers who are currently studying at York University. They represent students on a range of issues including liberation, volunteering, raising and giving and environment and ethics. Alongside delivering their manifestos, they also become the leaders of the student Network for their position and are supported by a committee. Two Students can run as a pair and ‘job-share’ the role if they win!

To find out more about our current Part Time Officers, head to our Part Time Officer page.

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Non Officer Roles

Like Part-Time Officers, students holding the following non-officer positions carry out their roles alongside their studies.

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Faculty Reps

Each Faculty has an elected undergraduate student rep. Faculty Reps work behind the scenes, sitting on University-level committees such as Faculty Boards and Senate, representing all students within their Faculty. They champion student feedback and create large scale positive changes. They deliver projects based on their manifesto. Faculty rep roles run from the 1st July 2021 to the 30th June 2022.

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Please note the role descriptions reflect current practise and Officer Group and the Board of Trustees are currently reviewing the by-laws to bring them up to date.

For a plain text version of the role descriptions please contact [email protected]