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You have until midday 26th to complete your manifesto!

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How to fill out your nomination:

  • Blurb - This is a summary of you, your campaign or your policies. It is only 100 characters so keep it short and sweet (it is the perfect space for a campaign slogan)
  • Manifesto - Please start with 3 key bullet points that summarise your manifesto. You can write the rest in whatever format you like. You have a maximum of 500 words (including the bullet points) as it is key to get your points across in a succinct and engaging way. Your nomination must not contain offensive or party political content.
  • Photo - the photo must be a clear individual headshot (or joint headshot if running in a pair) with a plain background. The size must be 400x400, maximum file size 1MB. If you are running as a pair and are unable to take a joint photo, we can merge two individual photos for you.
  • For your nomination to be approved you must also complete the Candidate Eligibility form.
  • For pairs running for PTO roles - one of you needs to fill in the nomination form and fill in the “Running mates’ Student Username” with your partner’s username e.g.abc123 and “Pair name” field with “Your name and Partner’s name”.
  • Remember to click save after filling out each box
  • To stand in the election you need to click submit on your nomination by 12pm on Friday 19th February. You will then be able to edit, add to and improve your submission until 12pm on Friday 26th Feb.