Events and Workshops


URY Candidate Interview Night

Tuesday 2nd MARCH (URY Website and URY Facebook Page)

Candidate Interview Night is the time to see how the candidates are as individuals, with questions from students and URY interviewers about what they could do in the role. Streamed online and on the radio, it’s the first chance to ask about what their manifestos really mean and what they think they can do as student leaders. You have the opportunity to get involved by sending in questions for candidates or messaging in your analysis for the Student Media discussions. To listen in go to or go to the URY Facebook page to watch!

Debate Night

FRIDAY 5TH MARCH, 7PM (YUSU Facebook Page)

Can’t decide who to vote for? Our LIVE Debate Night live streamed to our YUSU Facebook page can help you decide on your sabbatical officers! You will also be able to submit questions to the candidates ahead of the debate.

Election Results Night


Join us to find out your YUSU Officers and student leaders for 2021! With ‘make your own cocktails and mocktails’, Sabb Bingo and live reactions from winning candidates - it’s going to be your spiciest zoom call of the year.

Previous Workshops

Thinking about the skills you would gain as a student representative or want to hear about how these Elections are for you? Check out our workshops below to learn more about the elections, receive an introduction to some of the key skills associated with elected student roles, or learn more about student activism. These workshops are for all. Our skills workshops in particular will prepare you for a student representational role, whether you are thinking of running in these Elections or considering joining a society committee, running in course rep or your college’s elections, or the many other student positions available at YUSU; as well as being beneficial later in life!

Still of video: Project Management Workshop
Project Management Workshop
Still of video: Introduction to Resilience Workshop
Introduction to Resilience Workshop
Still of video: Introduction to Professional Comms Workshop
Professional Communication Workshop
Still of video:Student Activism Workshop
Student Activism Workshop
Still of video: Leadership Workshop
Leadership Workshop
Still of video: Women and Non-Binary Students' Workshop
Women and Non-Binary Workshop
Still of video: Disabled Students' Workshop
Disabled Students' Workshop
Still of video: BAME Students' Workshop
BAME Students' Workshop