Why Vote?

Why should I vote?

By electing leaders who will make changes in the places that matter most, you are using your voice as a member of a Union to actively influence the direction of the organisation, the work it focuses on and the way you are represented.

The candidates running in this election have big ideas for improving life for students at York; your vote gives them the backing they need to enact their ideas, to lobby and to campaign.

Whatever your views, your politics or your priorities, this is your opportunity to make change. Don’t miss the chance to have your voice heard, vote!

If you aren’t sure who to vote for, have a look at the candidate manifestos here.

Did you know that last year, over 6140 people voted? That’s 31% of our eligible voting population at York University!

How does voting work?

We use Single Transferable Voting. STV is the method of voting which YUSU and many other organisations use to elect its leaders. Instead of only casting one vote (for your preferred candidate), STV enables you to ‘rank’ your preferred candidates so that when the candidate with the least votes is knocked out, the votes given to them transfer to people’s second preferences as so on until one candidate is the winner!

For example: If 4 candidates are running, you rank your preference 1- 4, (with 1 being your favourite). A quota is automatically calculated, based on the number of votes cast and the number of positions available. If a candidate reaches the quota, they have won! If no one reaches the quota the candidate with the lowest number of votes is eliminated and their second preference votes are added to the candidates still in the race. This is repeated in “rounds” until a candidate reaches the quota.