We all know there are a lot of myths that go around about YUSU and the elections. So here are some answers...


"Sabbatical Officers get paid an annual wage"

Yes, this is true. At the moment, our five Full-Time Sabbatical Officers get paid an annual salary of £19,587.15. Alongside this, they are given 26 days of paid holidays, plus bank holidays and additional time off over Christmas.

Other perks include a free gym membership to the York Sport Centre, free flu vaccinations and loads of opportunities to train and develop their skills further.

If you are elected as a Full-time officer, you’ll become a trustee of YUSU, which has a turnover of £2 million and represents over 20,000 students across campus.


"YUSU is actually run by the staff and CEO"

While this is true for the day to day running of YUSU, the political direction and main activity of the Union is guided by our elected officers, who are Trustees of the organisation, and the student body.

As in other member-led charities, our CEO makes decisions and manages the resources and operations of the organisation. However, YUSU staff are ultimately here to support you, our members, to participate in the activities, campaigns and decisions most important to you.


"YUSU doesn’t do anything for students!"

Everything we do is for students. As a charity, our primary purpose is to represent student's interests to the University, improve your education at York and empower you to make positive social change. We also play a crucial role in your development outside of your degree, by providing opportunities such as sports clubs and societies, volunteering projects and RAG. Then of course, there are the huge events that we host throughout the year - like Freshers’ Week and the Summer Ball! Check out our impact report from last year to find out more.


"No-one cares about the YUSU elections"

YUSU elections have consistently seen a high level of engagement from students. In the last two years, our voter turnout has been above 30% - putting us in the top ten SUs for voter turnout two years running!

But it's not all just about votes - we’re constantly striving to encourage more students to nominate themselves for positions too.


"I don’t have enough experience to stand!"

You don’t need to have experience - just passion. Our staff will help you throughout your campaign, providing training on physical and digital campaigning, as well as manifesto development. If elected, you will continue to receive support and training from YUSU staff and you will become part of a team of student officers that works collectively and supports each other.

Read some of our officer interviews to find out about their experiences.


"The Sabbatical Officer team tends to always be white."

Numerous studies show that teams of people with a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures dramatically improve the creativity, innovation and success of organisations.

Unfortunately, there has been a historic lack of diversity in the students putting themselves forward for YUSU positions. It has been almost a decade since we had a BAME President.

We actively encourage students from under represented groups to run for these positions, but we need your help in doing so. Recommend someone here and we will get in contact with them.