Arts & Humanities Faculty Rep Candidate:



First-year literature/linguistics student and course rep- enjoys collaborating and being involved!


  • Work to boost UG admissions into the arts and humanities
  • Communicate between departments to improve the experience of combined degree students
  • Collaborate with more reps on the department level


As the faculty rep, I would work closely with combined degree students. When you study across two departments, communication between them can be difficult. I would like to collaborate with departments to see where people’s experiences can be improved during their degree.

Checking in with course reps is my next priority. I would want to use both casual and more formal meetings with arts and humanities reps throughout the year. I want to be approachable and work with everyone- not just department and department reps!

At the end of the day, this position is all about working with student voice. This is extremely important to me and would be my main priority. Communication and frequent meetings with the department reps and departments themselves to provide a platform. More specifically, I would plan to meet with course reps in each of the departments throughout the course of the academic year. This would let me demystify the position of faculty rep to course reps and become more approachable to them, something which I currently do not see.

Another big concern for me is the current drop going on in arts and humanities university admissions. According to Universities UK, languages have averaged around a 30% drop in admissions education 34% and combined degree admissions are down a staggering 48.4%. I want to improve this for York and really bring up the faculty to attract more arts and humanities students.

Well-being is extremely important to me. I would like to use my experience as a social sec to organise study workshops for everyone to help students to catch up on tasks and feel just a little more fulfilled in what they do.

Thank you for considering me!