LGBTQ Officer Candidate:

Matt and Dan


Better services, Increased visibility and more events. Working for LGBTQ. Working for you.


  • Better access to health services
  • More events for students
  • Increased visibility and awareness

  • Manifesto

    We’re running for the role of LGBTQ officer because we want to speak for the loud and proud, as well as those who are still getting to grips with their identity. Working for LGBTQ. Working for you.

    We believe all students should have access to services that will support them through battles with both mental and physical health. This is a major issue as statistics show that those who identify as LGBTQ are more likely to be affected by mental health problems, and are at a greater risk of hate crime. To help tackle this, we want to introduce support groups and networks for those who feel they have nobody to turn to and who feel isolated and unsafe because of their identity, while pushing for further access to individual counselling. Homophobic and transphobic attacks can easily be detrimental for people - when I (Matt) was younger, I once experienced an attack whereby someone launched a firework at me because I was holding hands with a boy. The effects of this now always play on my mind, and (both myself and Dan) believe that attacks like this should never haunt someone.

    Visibility and awareness is also massively important to us, so in the LGBTQ officer role we would run campaigns in the university to highlight the challenges and problems we face on a daily basis - in particular, those struggling with identity and those who feel their sexuality/gender identity is invalid. On top of that, we want to tackle stigmas and myths, particularly surrounding sexual health.With many people still in the dark on specific health risks, it’s vital to actively promote existing services to educate, treat, and reduce these risks, while pushing for more accessible services on campus, to help with urgent problems and advice and make sure everyone has the opportunity to access them at the time they need it.

    Finally, we’d love to work towards providing even more events for LGBTQ students, working alongside LGBTQ Social. We not only want to be a voice for all students on the LGBTQ spectrum, we also want to increase the number of activities and events available. We hope to make it easier for those in the community to connect with each other and not feel limited by their interests. We also want to work towards getting a club night for students. Whether it’s in town or on campus, we want to ensure LGBTQ students have somewhere to go to enjoy themselves in a safe, supportive space. During times such as LGBT history month, we’d also introduce more events and activities to get people engaged with the importance of those people who fought against prejudice and oppression for our rights today.

    If you want LGBTQ officers who will fight for more events, more visibility and more support, vote for Matt and Dan.