International Students' Officer Candidate:

Moeen and Polina


We are here to unite


  • Inter-Society relations
  • International Student Welfare
  • Better Academic and Careers Support

  • Manifesto

    - Inter-Society relations

    Our priority would be to develop an inter-society link between cultural societies so that they can have regular collaborative events which can help them learn more about other cultures.

    - International Student Welfare

    We will ensure all International Reps are Welfare Trained so that they can be the point of call for International Students. We will also organise regular meetings for international reps across colleges so that reps are aware of what their role entails and can share ideas between colleges.

    - Better Academic and Careers Support

    We would work very closely with Academic Officers and Department Reps to ensure that International Students are better facilitated in terms of their accessibility to academics and better careers support