LGBTQ Officer Candidate:

Matt and Robyn


If it doesn't work, Vote for change, Vote Matt-man and Robyn


  • Reform the current network.
  • LGBTQ+ Action Group.
  • Gender Neutral Toilets & Safe Spaces.

  • Manifesto

    Hey, we’re Matt (He/Him) and Robyn (They/Them), both 2nd years running to be your YUSU LGBTQ PTOs. Matt does Social Policy, and Robyn does Physics. This past year, we’ve both been members of LGBTQ Network, serving on committee. We’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to change. The fight for LGBTQ+ Students is something we’re incredibly passionate about, and we want LGBTQ+ lives on campus to be the best. Change is needed. This is our manifesto.

    1. Reform the current network.

    a. We’ve seen the problems within Network. A bloated committee, difficulty to organise anything, and lack of attendance. We want to do something about it.

    b. We want to know what you think. Your feedback will drive our reform. Network is for the students, so students should drive the change.

    c. We need to tackle Network attendance. To do this, we’ll post committee attendance publicly, so you can see if your representatives are doing what they were elected to do.

    2. LGBTQ+ Action Group

    a. The Network is currently seen as serious, political, and inactive. We know, we’ve been there, and we want it to change.

    b. We want more than just a think tank of campaigns and ideas. We aim to set up an action group to make sure what we want to do is implemented efficiently.

    c. We want to include staff, students and departments; to bring everyone together and push for change.

    3. Gender-Neutral Toilets & Safe Spaces

    a. We will lobby and liaise the estates team to adapt existing provisions to create more Gender-Neutral toilets on campus.

    b. We want to work with estates, colleges and departments to ensure gender-neutral toilets are accessible at all hours of the day. Currently, the last toilets outside of the library on Hes West close at 10pm, and on weekends the library is the only availability.

    c. The lack of space on campus is a real issue. We aim to work with the university to find a safe space for LGBTQ+ students. Too often these students are made to feel targeted. Where can they go to feel safe?

    4. Incident Reporting

    a. We want to continue developing what’s already been done by the Community and Wellbeing SABB, to ensure the platform used is accessible for LGBTQ+ students to report hate crimes/bullying.

    b. We want to ensure action is taken, and those responsible face consequences, regardless of if they are students or staff.

    5. Engagement

    a. College engagement has been low, we’ve seen it, and we want to ensure colleges are involved in Network, and are letting their students know what’s happening.

    b. We want to ensure engagement with Network is up, holding meetings on both campuses and bringing more social aspects to Network.

    c. We aim to reach out to YSJ and other close universities to set up collaborative events and chances to meet other LGBTQ+ members in a safe space..