Volunteering Officer Candidate:



Volunteer with me, Vote Hayley C. Hi, I'm a 2nd year and I am running for Volunteering Officer!


  • Improving involvement in volunteering week by creating a Do Something Special campaign that promotes all forms of volunteering by having give it a go sessions for every volunteering project during volunteering week, fundraisers for RAG charities and micro-volunteering opportunities.
  • Improve communication about volunteering by creating a blog on all social media outlets that highlights different projects within YUSU where you can meet the committee and know how to get involved .
  • Improve volunteering recognition by creating a volunteer of the month scheme where they are showcased on social media and promote student volunteering awards to ensure more nominations.

  • Manifesto

    Hi everyone, I am a second year Psychology in Education Student and the current Project Coordinator of KEEN York so, I believe I can bring a real insight into Volunteering projects and how rewarding it can be to Volunteer at YUSU. Therefore, I am running to be your next Volunteering Coordinator!

    Communication about volunteering

    • Improve volunteer numbers by reaching out to departments to ensure that students are aware of the opportunities that are at York and create regular Facebook posts that helps communicate to students weekly about the different sessions occurring at different volunteering projects so students know exactly what each project is about and how to find them.
    • Also, do segments of meet the project where the committee lets people know about their project and how to get involved.
    • Liaise with the mature students officer to ensure that those with jobs/ other commitments can get involved in Volunteering at York and promote one off sessions and micro-volunteering.
    • Speak to Internationals officer to ensure International students know how to fill in a DBS and that the process takes longer.

    Improving involvement in volunteering week

    • Do Something Special campaign in volunteering week that promotes all forms of volunteering.
    • Ensure that RAG is involved in volunteering week with fundraisers during volunteering week for RAG charities and having give it a go sessions for all volunteering projects.
    • Get volunteer organisations (e.g SNAPPY) to come and speak to students about their projects in volunteering week.
    • Make micro-volunteering a key part of Volunteering with emails sent out regularly that advises people how to get involved for no commitment.
    • Hold termly talks for people interested in volunteering to drop in and here about the projects we offer and how they can get involved easily.


    • Improve recognition of students by having a volunteer of the month scheme, where from each volunteering project they nominate someone who has made an outstanding contribution.
    • Promote and ensure more volunteering organisations nominate volunteers for the Student Volunteering Awards so they get the acknowledgement they deserve.
    • Volunteer Committee containing an ex project coordinator to represent all projects to get their insight on the committee and allows project coordinators the recognition they deserve after their hard work

    Thank you for reading and I hope I can be the next volunteer officer at YUSU! Remember Volunteer with me, Vote Hayley C!