Union President Candidate:



A new club, merch online, cheap grub on which to dine! Keen? For more to see, visit josh4prez.me!


  • I'll bring in a student saver menu, roll out order-by-app and campaign for a student discount in Nisa.
  • I’ll create an online merch shop, let societies take mobile payments and launch an extra weekly club night.
  • I'll change the union structure so students make the important decisions, introduce a register of good landlords and provide free legal help to deal with dodgy landlords.

  • Manifesto

    My manifesto is a credible plan for real change, the effects of which will be visible by Autumn Term. For more detail than I can fit here, check out josh4prez.me.

    Student Saturdays

    Launching in Autumn Term, an extra weekly club night in the RKC - it has a bigger capacity than Fibbers (rip) and we’ve had a great atmosphere at nights there before.

    Platinum/black cards will work as usual, and we’ll offer discounts for societies, sports clubs, and those with pre-bought wristbands, with all profits going directly back into union services.

    Student Saver Menu

    A low-cost menu in union venues to provide affordable meals on campus.

    Landlord Register & Renting Advice

    I’ll expand the Advice & Support Centre to include a renting advice section, with staff who have the legal expertise to help with dodgy landlords.

    I’ll also introduce a register that landlords/agencies can join, provided they follow good practices. Those who register will be promoted as good landlords.

    Those who don’t will be excluded from accommodation fairs.

    Online Merch Shop

    A hassle-free way to sell merch, with all the profits going directly to your group. We’ll handle all the logistics, with student groups able to choose what to sell, and items available directly from our website.


    You can currently order drinks by app and collect them from the bar in two venues. I’ll add food orders to the app, extend it to all six venues and have your order delivered to your table.

    Access to Yoyo

    I’ll provide student groups with the option to use Yoyo to take mobile payments.

    Student Discount in Nisa

    Nisa are owned by Co-op, who offer a 10% student discount – I’ll campaign to introduce a similar discount for students in all of Nisa’s campus stores. We make up the vast majority of Nisa’s sales on campus; that gives us a significant amount of bargaining power that we should take advantage of to get a better deal.

    Putting Power in Student Hands

    I’ll restructure the union so that all important decisions are approved by someone accountable to students. For example, an elected committee to oversee venues, meaning future changes to menus or prices will require the approval of accountable students. This will also provide a way for students to decide commercial services policy – with staff on hand to provide advice and expertise.

    I’ll also change the role of sabbs, empowering them to implement the changes you elect them for by putting them in charge of the union. Staff will provide proposals, expertise and advice, but decisions will ultimately be made by those who are directly accountable to you.