Community and Wellbeing Officer Candidate:



El can, El will and El would make changes as your Community and Wellbeing Officer


  • Providing education and support for symptoms of stress throughout the academic year, with a more open dialogue about self-care and self-worth with the campaign #letstalkYork
  • Lobby the university to transform the Absence and Exceptional Circumstances Affecting Assessments processes
  • Work with the Disabled Student Network and Officers to improve accessibility across all three campuses, so everyone can access the education they pay for.

  • Manifesto

    Stress and #letstalkYork:

    • Lobby the university for more resources to address the national crisis of stress in students
    • Provide talks on both how to recognise manage stress symptoms to all new students during freshers
    • Work with mental health charities to provide better education on stress
    • More resources outside of central college buildings
    • Work with Societies to create less stress within executive roles
    • Biweekly informal meetings open to all students for feedback and discussion on what the Student Union can provide/lobby the university for
    • An online campaign that promotes discussion thus making stress a more accessible issue
    • More information available both online and in leaflet form with a more umbrella term of advertising (#letstalkYork)

    Absence and Exceptional Circumstances Affecting Assessment forms

    • Reform the Self-Certifying Absence form by removing the visible countdown of unauthorised absences
    • Lobby for the promotion of a single absence lasting more than a day: many absences are a result of sickness and pre-existing problems
    • Lobby for the widespread recognition of periods to count as a cause of medical absences
    • Lobbying for the removal of course penalties for students with a Student Support Plan without the need to provide extra evidence
    • Reformation of the Exceptional Circumstances Affecting Assessments Form, including education for all students on how to complete it
    • Lobbying for some financial provisions for required evidence, such as a doctor's letter

    Improved Accessibility

    • Work with the Disabled Students’ Officers to identify issues that impact students
    • Lobby to relocate Open Doors and Disability Services to a building with better access
    • Ensure all lifts work, and if broken fixed ASAP
    • Improve existing disabled toilets by including full length mirrors and more regular cleaning including handrails
    • Lobby for Lecture rooms with soundproofing to prevent acoustic issues
    • Lobby for image descriptions in lectures and on staff provided handouts
    • Ensure all lectures are on Lecture Capture
    • Lobby for an accessible graduation so all students can celebrate with their peers

    Other policies:

    • Clearer signposting and information for both staff and students to existing services such as Support to Study
    • A supported phased approach to students returning from a Leave of Absence to ensure a better adjustment back into student life
    • Lobby for more funding, staff and better training for mental health
    • Lobby the university to pay for course related disability costs such as dyslexia testing
    • Create a forum to address the disconnect between students and the Student Union
    • Support the Lecturers striking who demand a fair pension/wage whilst lobbying the University to reimburse students effected
    • Allergen friendly SUbars for more common allergies, such as nuts