Social Sciences Faculty Rep Candidate:



Let's get more social in the social sciences faculty - effective communication and community


  • Spaces for academic activities and creating community
  • Effective communication with students
  • Customized and integrated careers support for Social Sciences faculty


My main goal is to make the departments within the Faculty of Social Sciences ‘more social’: encouraging effective communication between and within departments to strengthen the community, improve interdisciplinary courses, and connect with students. By nature, a lot of the subjects taught in the faculty are interconnected even between the departments. I want to ensure that there is a flow of communication, sharing of good practices and creation of a strong sense of academic community. I believe that for this purpose certain spaces are necessary. By spaces, I mean 1) physical buildings and 2) certain types of events and activities. My ultimate goal is to push forward a proposal for a complex of physical spaces which are dedicated for Social Sciences. Firstly, these spaces could be used for academic purposes, as places to study, especially in groups which encourages peer-assisted learning. Secondly, those spaces would serve as a place to enhance the ‘Social Sciences Academic Community’.

The second point, is closely related to the first one. I want to emphasise the importance of communicative methods and tone used when reaching out to students. Many events, talks and opportunities which a lot of students might be interested in do not always reach them. I want to assist the departments to look for alternative methods to share information and effectively communicate with students.

Finally, I would like to see more careers support for the social sciences. I know that some departments are highly career orientated, offering course-tailored support whereas others not so much. I do not think that the nature of social sciences (the broad spectrum of career paths one might want to take after graduating) necessarily has to hinder tailored career support. I would, firstly, work with the careers centre, ensuring that the support and resources they provide are used effectively. Secondly, I want to see more degree-integrated career support. I would like for more modules to focus on the development of particular skills which can be applicable in certain career paths.

Though I would leave some room for the ideas expressed here to be (re)shaped by students, I want to tell you a bit more about what makes me a great candidate for the role. I have several years of experience in representation by forming an impact on Youth and Education policy. Before coming to university I have been a Board Member of Lithuanian School Students’ Union and regional Youth Affairs Council. Most importantly, I know how to listen and how to talk - structuring a dialogue to resolve issues.