Union President Candidate:

AAAlvaro Superlopez


AAAlvaro Superlopez the charge YUSU needs


AAA Batteries Prez

A - Powering-up the Presidency. Make the role more personal, approachable, student-friendly/led, “down-to-earth” and efficient.

A - Re-Energize student-engagement. Bolster student-media, promote the University Culture across campus and York-City-Council, widen online-engagement, show how the open discussions are brought to Executive Board, prioritise more contact-time with students.

A - Long-lasting Sabbs Impact. Create an open-and-flexible system where students can give their feedback and have their input on an ongoing basis, and follow the current work and objectives on a “dashboard” available on the website.



  • Approachable Prez:
  • Re-focus the role making it more personal and significant to students. I will make time for students to share their ideas and problems directly with me, for a more approachable, cohesive and “down-to-earth” student-union.

  • Student-led Priorities:
  • Give students the power to choose which matters I should focus my efforts on, through manifesto termly reviews.

  • Efficient role:
  • Review the president’s role increasing its impact and efficiency, and investigate better mechanisms to make the role more responsive to student needs, being more active and transparent with policy changes.


  • Pints with the Sabbs:
  • Prioritise more in contact-time with students. Bring back casual meetings with the president/Sabbs, at times that are suited to student-timetables, in a YUSU bar.

  • Bolster Student Media:
  • More support and visibility for campus media, to make their voices louder. An open discussion will be held to implement this point efficiently.

  • Certified training for students:
  • Give more opportunities for all students to attend specific certified training recognised by future employers (eg. public speaking, first-aid, leadership).

  • Promote University Culture
  • Strengthen the relationship with the City-Council, so we can use their facilities and means to increase advertisement of performances by our talented student-body. Also, deliver the Student-hub.

  • Online Engagement:
  • Continue developing the “Dashboard” idea, where students can see the progress made on Sabb/Union objectives, YUSU achievements (closing-the-loop), as well as upcoming planned work. A “Suggestions” link where Sabbs will review and respond to fortnightly.

  • Wider Engagement:
  • Increase links with students on placements, abroad, part-time, mature-students, post-graduate, and international students, who sometimes feel left out.

  • Taking student matters to the Executive Board
  • Open forums where students can raise concerns, in particular on issues relating to FINANCE, ACCOMMODATION, and PERSONAL-HEALTH. Agreement of action points to bring to the University-Executive-Board.


  • Engendering continuity:
  • Focus on closing-the-loop with feedback and YUSU achievements, helping to create a system for future years, where the efforts and successes of current Sabbs can be carried forward.

  • Flexible manifesto:
  • Creating more opportunities for the student-body to add items to Sabbs manifestos in term 1 and 2. With the consensus of the Sabbs, a selection will be added, helping the Union to change and adapt with its students.

  • Climate change from the top
  • Ensure the strategic-plan for climate change is delivered and updated.


4th-Year-student heavily involved in multiple committees across the University, which has given me an understanding of University structuring and management.

President of Latin-American-Society, Chemistry-Department-Rep, Head-STYC Halifax-College, President of Juggle-Soc, Judge-panellist in Careers, Public-Speaking-Coach, Group-Dynamic-Energiser.