Activities Officer Candidate:

Brian "Wally" Terry


Making students smile with a manifesto that listens to them.


  • Better nightlife and a regular on-campus club night.
  • Improved student activities and better recognition for students’ talents.
  • An honest and experienced candidate with an open manifesto.

  • Manifesto

    Hi! I’m Brian Terry, but you probably have seen me around as Wally. Or maybe as the Wizard. You might wonder why I dress up. The answer is I want to make people smile during exams, even just for a moment (as well as a few special events with societies)! Whoever you know me as, I’m running to be your next Student Activities Officer.

    Nightlife: We need to step up and fight for our right to party. Nightlife is important for many students, but nightclubs are fading away from York. I want to introduce a regular campus club night as well as protect the existing nightlife in York. I’ll make our bars more accessible for students and independent groups to host their own events to let a fresh nightlife scene develop on campus.

    Student Activities: As your next Activities Officer, I will encourage the formation of societies that are free to join and establish meaningful skills courses run by students. I want to help promote smaller societies. Niche interests and groups are what make York the best place to live and study – let’s embrace that!

    Recognition: I want to improve the York Award, so it better recognises students, and what they achieve. I’ll also push for an optional Higher Education Achievement Record to allow students to show off to employers what they do beyond their degree.

    Backpages: These are the mechanism student groups use to organise events and finances, but they could drastically be better. I’ll make their improvement a YUSU priority when I’m elected.

    Advertising: I want to make it easier for students to promote their events and societies. I’ll fight for better advertising space and clearer advice.

    Storage/Flat Floor Space: It affects most of the societies we love at university in some way. I’ll work for a better deal for our groups by exploring every option available.

    RAG and Volunteering: These groups are led by fantastic individuals. I want to support RAG and volunteering by giving students the flexibility to take these groups to new levels.

    Media: I’ll look at making it easier for student media groups to grow their audience and give them better exposure to students in our venues.

    An Open Manifesto: I haven’t covered everything, and I know it. So, I promise to keep an open mind with what students and other candidates suggest. If it’s viable and I didn’t cover it, I want to know about it and will work to make it a reality. So that your student activities are the best they can possibly be.

    My past experiences include running holiday events for students over the breaks, being part of over fifteen student groups, being on committee for five of them; and working as a Head-STYC for my college. I’ve loved my time at York and now I want to help improve it.