Activities Officer Candidate:



Raise the Ruth


  • Promoting and supporting the wide variety of student activities on offer
  • Ensuring you get the recognition you deserve
  • Ensuring the student voice is heard when it comes to shaping our nights in York

  • Manifesto

    Hi, I’m Ruth and I am running for Activities Officer. From membership to many a society; being a society chair; dalliances with student media; the occasional boogie at a TimeWarp and two years on Societies Committee, I have taken every opportunity to engage with student activities and it has thoroughly enhanced my university experience. I know a lot of students feel the same but I also know there is room for improvement and I want to work towards creating the best student activities experience for everyone.

    This is what I stand for:

    Promoting and supporting the wide variety of student activities on offer

    Developing the Refreshers’ Fair. With further support from myself and the Societies Committee to student groups, a longer preparation time and a greater emphasis on advertising we can improve on the success of the relaunch of Refreshers’ Fair. Giving students a second opportunity in the year to see the great student groups available to them.

    Promoting societies and media through Give it A Go. I want to continue the good work of GIAG and use the programme throughout the term to showcase different groups each week.

    Supporting small groups. Whether you share your interest with 6 or 56 people doesn’t diminish its significance. I will ensure YUSU is doing everything it can to support small groups through advertising and mentoring from their Societies Committee Rep.

    Advocating Accessibility. Training is to have input from the Liberation Officers; free societies to be promoted; speakers from underrepresented groups to be encouraged and sought after and Activities Access Grants to be reviewed and offered to a wider range of students.

    Working with Estates to figure out storage solutions, implement a user friendly finance system and make room booking easier.

    Reviewing the Resources Hub to ensure all information is relevant, accessible and advantageous.

    Ensuring you get the recognition you deserve

    Updating and externally promoting the York Award to employers.

    Revamping York Awards Season. Ensuring these are events worth attending, by booking and inviting relevant professionals

    Providing accredited training for courses such as First Aid

    Working with Careers to run workshops on student group activity and employability

    Championing the work of RAG

    Improving advertising of groups, their events and achievements, through social media and by utilising the TVs on campus.

    Ensuring the student voice is heard when it comes to shaping our nights in York

    Supporting plans for a new Student Union building that can facilitate events

    Ensuring students are represented in the planning of YUSU Events. Including, Focus Groups to ensure a diverse range of acts and activities at Freshers’ Festival and Summer Ball.

    Facilitating live entertainment on campus

    Making campus venues more attractive locations for student group activities, by providing discounts and easy booking system

    Working with the community to secure use of venues outside of campus