Activities Officer Candidate:



Get your Kit on


  • Focus on enhancing the existing venues in York and promoting local artists, as well as lobbying the local council about current venues.
  • Better training for committees and a GIAG showcase.
  • The creation of a RAG resource Hub to support Fundraising.

  • Manifesto

    Hello! I'm Kit and I'm running to be your new Activities Officer!


    • We should create links with new and existing venues in York (such as The Fulford Arms, The Crescent, and larger venues such as Stereo and The Basement), to keep the diverse range of Club nights and socials, and encourage Independent Artists in their work while at University.
    • There should be more promotion of fringe music and performance on Campus, such as larger spaces for performances, as well as different campus music nights like Grime, Indie, Folk, Drag, and Pop.
    • I will lobby the local council about club nights that have been closed and stress the importance of events in York for the local community.

    Rag and Volunteering:

    • In order to make RAG more accessible to students and Societies, I will set up a RAG Resource Hub, which will explain best practises, student friendly charities, and Key Contacts both in the University and outside. It will also have ideas both big and small to encourage students and societies to have a bigger role in their fundraising.
    • For Volunteering I would like to set up more opportunities on Campus for people to support their fellow students and members of the community.


    • The current GIAG scheme is very effective on campus, but I would like to develop this by having a Give-It-A-Go showcase at the beginning of the GIAG week where people can go along to see what they are signing up for, before they go along to the sessions. In York we are privileged to have a diverse range of societies, clubs and sports teams which everyone should feel they can be a part of.
    • Having been on committees within the university I know how important it is for people to feel safe and secure in their positions. To do this, I would like to provide better training on various aspects, with a push for better safeguarding training. This will include working with Student Minds to develop mental health forums and training for people in societies, and on committees when they are first elected.
    • Storage on Campus for societies has been a problem for a long time. I would like to solve this by using spaces on Campus which are not used (such as Old Unity Health), while also consulting societies about what they need from their spaces.


    • Campus media provides a unique understanding of Campus and I would love to promote SPANC (Student Publication Association National Conference) more widely.
    • I would also like to set up an independent media day for people outside of Student Media to get involved, whether this be hosting a Radio Show or learning how to write a satirical article.