Academic Officer Candidate:

Giang Nguyen


Hi I'm Giang! I'm running to be your Academic Officer #JointheGiangGang.2


  • No Fears Careers: tailored employability support, overhaul the alumni system.
  • #BetterAssessment: ensure the assessment, feedback and marking system is clear, fair, and consistent within and between departments/schools: introducing compulsory staff mental health first aid training.
  • Building an inclusive York: working with Graduate Students’ Association, improving representation, creating departmental study spaces, and diversifying and liberating York.

  • Manifesto

    I’m Giang, your current Academic Officer! I am re-running because there is still a lot that we need to change in our University. My experience, knowledge and network means that I can achieve more of what matters to you! #JoinTheGiangGang2 #GucciGiang


    • Lobbied the University to expand students’ consultation on York Awards (YA survey) and departmental careers support
    • Created more career appointments for 3rd years
    • Next?
    • Make York Strengths more useful and accessible
    • Lobby departments to integrate employability into the curriculum
    • More bespoke careers events for students depending on their degree: joint up efficiently with academic societies and departments
    • Overhaul alumni system

    ASSESSMENT feedback and marking - make it clear, fair and consistent

    • Surveying how departments support you (#TheNotSoBig Survey)
    • Working with academic reps to set up assessment and revision tips workshops
    • Next?
    • Fix: VLE and the overloaded assessment period
    • Lobby for: compulsory mental health training for exam invigilators; departments to release assessment time & questions earlier
    • Better support on open exams & essays
    • Scale up Keep Your Cool (with the funding I secured!)


      a.Protected characteristics:

    • Worked with departments and YUSU Officers to achieve more highest (Gold) standard on Athena Swan, the charter recognises the advance of gender equality
    • Lobbied departments to have accessibility guidelines
    • Next?
    • Continue: ensuring lecture capture across all departments; work on diversifying and liberating York and hidden costs
    • Looking into extra technological resources for students from disadvantaged backgrounds and international students

      b. Efficiency - Transparency:

    • Created university student-and-staff forum and worked to improve the departmental one: set up a forum with GSA and the University on diversifying and liberating the curriculum
    • Worked with GSA to improve training and contracts of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA), transitioning from undergraduate to postgraduate, and provide more research/working with the local community opportunities for you
    • Next?
    • End GTAs’ zero-hours contracts
    • Have YUSU representation on Hes East and Kings Manor: lobby the Uni to have more meetings in those places, working in Hes East frequently
    • Use more technology in YUSU to improve efficiency

      c. Representation:

    • Improved training (90-98% satisfaction) and held 1-to-1s with reps
    • Lobbied the University to change their culture on student voice: See students as equals!
    • Next?
    • Working on a proposal for a new student reps system that won’t be based solely on student volunteers
    • Continue lobbying for dedicated departmental study spaces

      d. Mental Health:

    • With other sabbs, lobbied the University to fund more student support staff per department
    • Next?
    • Continue work with national charities and other Student Unions
    • Improve the Student Support Plan
    • Create compulsory academic supervision training
    • Scale up old and set up new mentoring schemes across campus

      e. Interdisciplinarity, optional modules and electives:

    • Continue lobbying the University to open up more options for you.