RAG Officer Candidate:



MAX - 4 - RAG


  • Greater transparency on what money raised by RAG activities is spent on by university and college charities
  • RAG and Volunteering York award equivalent to recognise achievements of students
  • Encouraging greater cooperation between colleges In RAG activities to increase event turnout and funds raised

  • Manifeso

    As the current RAG and volunteering officer for James college I have gained an insight into the challenges faced by RAG at York, but also the fantastic potential for real change in our community it holds. At James our college partner organisation is Survive, a charity which supports survivors of sexual abuse and assault. Such a noble cause is undoubtedly worthy of all the support and resources our college has to offer, however James is only one of 9 colleges. As YUSU RAG officer I would encourage greater cooperation between university colleges in their RAG activities, through more frequent forums and more detailed guidance for newly appointed JCRC officers. This would undoubtedly lead to increased turnout for our events, and ultimately more money raised for amazing charities such as Survive.

    Furthermore, I believe that one way to increase funds raised through RAG activities is through greater transparency. I would encourage both university wide and college charity partners to share information as to how the money we donate is spent and share this information through social media and the YUSU website. This would lead to greater cooperation between the university and our associated charities, and thus a more effective RAG system overall.

    Students have always been at the heart of RAG here at the University of York and contribute to its fantastic reputation as a charitable foundation. I wish to share this success with students, by creating a RAG and Volunteering equivalent of the “York Award”. This will recognise the brilliant achievements of students who engage in charitable activities, both to fellow students and future employers. Following on from this, I would also develop the guidance available to students wishing to host one off RAG events for a charity of their choice, further increasing the opportunities for students to get involved.

    However, I believe RAG is not solely limited to raising money for charities, it can also be used to support those less fortunate who attend the university. For example, I propose the creation for an on-campus food bank, which students could donate to and use anonymously. Utilising the college common spaces, this would both reduce food wastage on campus, and provide an invaluable resource for those struggling form food poverty at university.

    If any of these ideas appeal to you, then I invite you to vote for Max Stafford as your next YUSU RAG officer!