Activities Officer Candidate:



A vote for Hugh is a vote for YU


  • Unite creativity, and make York a cultural hub
  • More performance and events spaces
  • Student involvement and transparency with York Parties

  • Manifesto

    From being former president of YUsnow, a freelance music producer/electronic artist, hosting radio shows on URY, and my heavy involvement in running independent events both on and off campus; I understand the importance of extra-curricular activities in improving mental wellbeing, and quality of student life.

    York is NOT boring.

    In my four years at York I’ve met so many creative, and interesting people, all with great ideas on how to improve the activities and events within their clubs, societies, or elsewhere.

    Despite this, York is often branded as ‘the boring Uni’ by student tabloids, which just isn’t true.

    As Activities Officer, I intend to work with students and venues to run more events both on and off campus, by booking bands and artists, striving to unite all the talented individuals at this University.

    By the end of my year as Activities Officer, I want us all to know York as a creative, and cultural hub.

    Where have all our events/performance spaces gone?

    With the recent closing of two of York’s nightclubs, which also happen to be the only two allowing students to run independent events; the future of York’s nightlife hangs in the balance.

    My plan is to ensure we make the most of the spaces we have, many of which are currently not being used to their full potential.

    The Roger Kirk Centre is used during freshers week to host live artists, but why only one week a year? We all know University can be a stressful environment, so whether you’re a musician, dancer, actor, comedian, clubber, or other, we need more spaces we can go to express ourselves.

    Transparency and co-operation with YUSU’s Partners

    Earlier in the year, a lot of heat was targeted at York Parties, which turned out to be a case of poor communication between YUSU and students. Understandably, we were questioning the relevancy of YUSU’s partnership with York Parties, because we didn’t know enough about what they were doing for student nightlife.

    Once explained to me, I understood the vital role they play in providing consistent, affordable, and safe nights out for us.

    As your Activities Officer, I aim to make information regarding the inner workings of YUSU more accessible.

    I also pledge to increase student involvement in the organisation, and running of such events, working with partners such as York Parties, to provide people with the opportunity to help out and add variation to the events we attend on a regular basis. Whether you’re a DJ, promoter, or just a supporter; the Union should be offering us a chance to have our say.