BAME Students' Officer Candidate:

Fiks and Simi


Make York Great Again/ We can Fiks it


  • We want the university to be more representative of groups that makeup society; where individuals from BAME backgrounds are represented by creating a safe environment where issues are heard and discussed through monthly tea talks.
  • We would like to continue efforts to make the BAME Network more inclusive by working with YUSU to further the diversity of the Student’s union by encouraging people from BAME backgrounds to participate and contribute in the democratic process.
  • We want to work with the Diversifying and Liberating York campaign to increase the attainment grades rate of BAME students compared to white students.

  • Manifesto


    • We would like tutors and lecturers to receive intensive training on how to communicate and respond to students in regards to issues that relate to race and different cultures. Too often lecturers often reinforce certain words which are traced back to a history of oppression.
    • Work with BAME college representatives to hear different complaints and problems students face and how to improve life for these students. By organising focus groups and surveys where we can address these concerns.
    • We would like to serve actively with the BAME Network through creating a safe space where BAME students would feel comfortable to communicate their issues with us.


    • We want to create an international fair where different foods from the BAME Network are provided and students feel at home.
    • We would like to involve BAME students more in Black History month through planned activities and talks from renowned Black speakers.
    • We would like to collaborate with YUSU societies to increase the celebration of cultural events within the university such as Chinese New Year, Eid, Independence days.

    Well-being and support

    • We would like to introduce equality and diversity awareness, protocol and resources for societies to be inclusive.
    • We aim to provide more advice and support services for BAME students as well as to try and get staff from BAME backgrounds.
    • Through this we would like to arrange sessions in which students can discuss any worries or concerns they have.


    • We want to ensure that reading lists are more inclusive of scholars from a BAME background.
    • We would like for wider readings and core readings to include more BAME writers/scholars, through this creating a BAME book club where students are encouraged to read books written from authors with similar backgrounds.


    • We would like to hold more career events for BAME students to boost their chances of getting into those high earning jobs. By working with the careers department we would like to create more opportunities for students from the BAME background.
    • We want to arrange interactive workshops as well as seminars in which professionals from a BAME background can speak to students. As well as arrange activities in order for students to enhance their employability skills.