York Sport President Candidate:



Vote for newer. Vote Jade Brewer.


  • Improving the welfare of student athletes
  • Improving communication with college sport
  • Ensuring each sports club receives the support they need

  • Manifesto

    Hi I'm Jade Brewer, a 3rd year studying Mathematics who has a keen interest in sport at York! I've had lots of experience with York Sport Union throughout my time at University being on the Swimming and Waterpolo committee, President of York Hornets Cheerleading Club and positions on the York Sport Union committee for 2 years. I have invested a lot of my time to York Sport and would be thrilled to continue this with the vast amount of knowledge I've gained through my time here to make York Sport as best as possible for everyone.

    1.Improve support for student athletes and promote opportunities for all

    • Mental Health & Wellbeing: At least one Welfare Officer to be elected per committee with professional training given at the beginning of the year.
    • Employability training for outgoing committee members given at the end of the year in the form of a workshop to show how you can use your committee position to your advantage.
    • Continue with Give It A Go weeks and support for Get Active Campaign with promotion released earlier.

    2.Supporting and improving communication with college sport

    • Reinforce College Sports Meetings: Greater emphasis on the importance of communicating with college sport ambassadors with regular meetings whereby colleges get a say on suggestions and changes.
    • Integrate Rounders into a full time college sport with fixtures and training throughout the year.


    • Work to improve funding for each sport based on what the club needs
    • Each club to receive a feedback form before the start of term to access where they require funding to make a better estimate for grants.
    • Greater support from YUSU to individual sport clubs fundraising events in terms of organisation, room bookings and publicity.

    4. Making sporting events at York bigger and better than before

    • Roses push for a white rose win! Work to implement a tiered Roses Focus Sport scheme whereby support and funding is determined based on what each sport needs.
    • Varsity push: qualifiers week to be made as a big event itself (similar to home roses). Affordable transport for supporters and athletes for official Varsity weekend in Durham.

    5. Ensure access to facilities

    • Work to resolve issues surrounding 22 acres with YUSU and improve communication with grounds-staff, YUSU and Sports teams via a more transparent approach
    • Ensure safety of athletes by assuring separate mats are allocated to those who use DSQ for shoes and non-shoes with regular checkups