Disabled Students' Officer Candidate:

Victoria and Rowan


Communicate, Socialise, Campaign


  • Communicating: making sure all students have the information they deserve from the university.
  • Socials: Disabled Students can meet others they can relate to, combating isolation.
  • Campaigning: lobbying for campus to be accessible both physically and academically.

  • Manifesto

    We are two experienced activists; Victoria was the previous Disabled Students’ Officer & Rowan has multiple positions on the DSN committee. We are enthusiastic about reforming parts of the network to better communicate with students, run socials and campaign. We want to ensure that Disabled Students aren’t invisible.

    Freshers Week: We will make Accesival larger and more engaging, with more taster sessions for societies, allowing freshers to quickly find their community and meet crucial support services. This boosts engagement with university life from day one, as shown by Victoria's success with the last Accessival, where disabled freshers were invited to try out exciting new activities.

    Accessible Teaching & Learning: Lecture capture is a university policy, but is too often not followed. We will petition for lecturers who are not following this policy to be accountable. We will also remind lecturers of the importance of using functional microphones, sending out slides, and offering aids to accessible learning.

    Create an Accessibility Guide: Students deserve to know in which ways our campus is accessible; too often we don’t know about even simple access tips. We will continue creating an accessibility guide for students by students to give accessibility tips and tricks.

    Estates Audit and Lobbying: We will continue lobbying Estates for accessibility progress, as we have done this term with ensuring red safety cords are untied. We will hold the university accountable for the recent accessibility audit and, as Officers, we will continue to ensure that all students get the accessible campus they deserve, with working automatic doors, safe disabled toilets, and quiet spaces.

    Accessible Activities: Over the last year, we produced guides for use by students and staff on accessible communication and running accessible socials and sports. We will continue to work on our accessibility code of conduct and ensure that all disabled students are welcome and can participate in YUSU activities. We will continue our work with York Sport Union to develop Accessible Sport and Fitness Week.

    College Representation: The University is a community of societies, networks and colleges, which we want to bring together for the best student experience possible. We will continue supporting our college representatives in their campaigns and we aim to ensure that every college has a dedicated representative, so the network can remain involved in all aspects of campus.

    Direct Student Feedback: We want to host regular discussions to engage students so all disabled students are heard and have input, without having to fully commit themselves to campaigning personally.

    Social Events: We will support our College Representatives with running Tea and Cake, which Victoria pioneered last year. We also have a track record running successful social events, such as a meal in town, an effective way of getting everyone involved in uni life.