The advisors at Student Hub are best placed to support students with regards to financial matters, including information and advice on budgeting, bursaries, scholarships, benefits, tax credits and the  hardship fund available to students from the University.

Advisors at the Advice and Support Centre are not able to advice on financial or contractual issues as we are not experts in this field, however, students can access a emergency hardship loan for a limited amount and child care subsidy as a last resort. Please contact us if you would like more details about the emergency hardship loan or childcare subsidy, including the application process.

An alternative source of support for finance and debt related issues is the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), although it’s worth noting that they do not specialise in student-specific cases. You can find out more information about CAB, what they do and information on how to contact them, including drop-ins on their website.

Need to earn a bit of cash?

Take a look at the University’s Careers website for placements, part-time jobs and graduate opportunities or keep an eye on our jobs pages for student employment opportunities.