Our Trustee Board

The Trustee Board is the Union’s main governing body responsible for overseeing the work of the Union and setting the strategic direction.  The Board holds ultimate responsibility for the financial health, legal compliance and development of the Union. With a combination of elected and appointed members, YUSU’s Board brings internal knowledge and external experience together to make key decisions about the organisation, ensuring it is well-run and always acting in the best interests of students.  

YUSU is an incorporated charity. Our Trustee Board includes all five full time elected student officers (sabbatical officers) with the President of YUSU being the Chair of the Trustee Board. In addition there are three elected student trustees and three external trustees, appointed for their significant professional experience.

Our current trustees

Officer Trustees

Patrick O’Donnell - YUSU President

Madeleine Cannell - York Sport President

Matt Johnstone - Academic Officer

Carly Precious - Wellbeing and Community Officer

Brian Terry - Activities Officer

Student Trustees

Isaac Barnett

Keeley Blanchard

Josh Mackenzie

External Trustees

Songtao Who - Director with an International Telecommunications Company

Ingrid Jenner - Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

Jamie Sims - Head of Workforce Development for North Yorkshire County Council

Trustee Board minutes 2019/20

Trustee Board minutes 2018/19

Trustee Board minutes 2017/18