How We’re Run

The Students' Union's work is driven by a vision of students at the heart of everything at York. As a registered charity that's made up of elected student representatives, YUSU is an entirely independant organisation with a range of mechanisms to ensure students' opinions steer our work.

Your Representatives

Each year, loads of students are elected into positions within YUSU so they can represent you to the University, within the City and nationally. We've got 5 Full-Time Sabbatical Officers, 10 Part-time Officers and over 400 Academic Reps.

Our Trustee Board

The Trustee Board is the Union's main governing body responsible for overseeing the work of the Union and setting the strategic direction. The Board holld ultimare reponsibility for the financial health, legal compliance and development of the Union.

With a combination of elected and appointed members, YUSU's Board brings internal knowledge and external experience together to make key decisions about the organisation, ensuring it is well-run and always acting in the best interests of students.

Our Staff

YUSU employs around 40 full-time staff members who work closely with the elected representatives to make change at York.

We also employ over 150 student staff members who work across the organisation - from our bars to our activities teams.

Our Impact

See below for our impact report for 2017-18: